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Download | Tải Phim | Against Darkness | Hộ Vệ Thầm Lặng | Ảm Dạ Thủ Hộ Giả | 2022

Download | Tải Phim | Against Darkness | Hộ Vệ Thầm Lặng | Ảm Dạ Thủ Hộ Giả | 2022

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Phim xoay quanh những cảnh sát chính nghĩa bảo vệ thành phố về đêm.

Sergeant Ko Fai completed undercover operations many years ago, and there is always a cloud hanging over him. Ko Fai is reassigned to a police precinct that is Crime Squad Station Sergeant Fong Chi Kiu’s territory. While investigating cases, the duo gradually familiarize with each other and develop tacit understanding. Chi Kiu is so dedicated to her job that she has no time for taking care of her family. Her son hangs out with the wrong crowd and gets into trouble. Hotpot restaurant lady boss Lo Sin Man was naive when she was young as she slept with gang boss Law Wai and gave birth to a girl called Lo Siu Po. Fortunately, Ko Fai has always taken care of Sin Man and her daughter. Siu Po becomes a KOL and wants to step into the spotlight by engaging in reckless maneuvers. She gradually descends into the abyss as she reveals how drug dealers go about their business. To protect their loved ones, Ko Fai and Chi Kiu become guardians of the night and are determined to eradicate the villains!

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